Global Motherhood Unites Mothers Around The World #InspireCare #Latism

These photos represent a few of the many programs supported by Johnson & Johnson and its partner organizations to serve the health and well-being needs of communities and people around the world.   To read more about these programs and others that help us care for those in need, please visit our website:

    Being a mother is the most important role that I have.  At the end of my life, I want to be remembered for having been a good mother above all of my other accomplishments.  Most of us have had women in our lives who nurtured us and taught us the meaning of “motherhood.”  In most Latino homes, grandmothers are not only the matriarchs of the family but also some of the first women who teach us what being a good mother is all about.  My situation is no different.

    My paternal grandmother raised me during a time when my mother was incapable of handling the responsibility.  I have always affectionately referred to her as “Tata” and she has always loved me unconditionally and taught me all of the values that a good woman should exhibit.  She inspired me to be the mother that I am to my sons today and I find myself doing a lot of the things with them that her and I used to do together when I was a little girl.

    She always made sure that I was healthy and thriving as a child.  This included me being healthy physically and mentally.  She not only made sure that I was fed, clothed, and cared for but she also taught me how beautiful and special I am and constantly reminded me of my worth as a woman and a human being.  These are lessons that I pay special attention to when I parent my own children.  It is not sufficient to address their basic needs, it’s important to inspire them to feel good about themselves and to have good self-esteem.

    Johnson & Johnson and its partners support many programs that meet and cater to the needs of moms and babies in the United States and around the world.  They have been committed, for many years, to touching more than one billion people’s lives daily through health care products, services, and a variety of programs that cater to the needs of the community.  At this year’s LATISM 2012 conference, they will be presenting some of these programs under the theme “global motherhood.”

    You can get involved by helping to raise awareness for global motherhood by using your social networks to help spread the word for the greater good.  It is important to shed light on some of the challenges that mothers face around the world.  Having discussions with other mothers around important issues that affect all families and sharing solutions that can genuinely make a difference can inspire other mothers just like you to step up and get involved.

    Make sure you visit suite Arboretum II during the LATISM 2012 conference to talk to Johnson & Johnson and its partners about its global motherhood initiatives.  We would love to know, is there a person who inspires you to be the best mother you can be?

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