Parenting From A Dad’s Point Of View! #HuggiesLatino

    Most mothers have absolutely no problem articulating what some of the challenges of being a parent are.  They will brag about their beautiful children and sing their praises but they will also tell you that parenting can be stressful and messy at times too.

    Now dads, on the other hand, also have their own point of view on the joys of parenthood but we rarely get to hear their take on being a parent or how they cope with the difficulties involved in raising children.

    Now my husband always has an opinion on everything and is the best father I know so, who better to interview to get the dads point of view on parenting?  After much coaxing, he finally agreed to answer some of my questions and I am very excited to share his responses with all of you here:


-What are your tips for new dads?

“Never lose patience.  There will always be an accident, a mess, something you don’t know yet and you will learn everything you need to know as you go.  Parenting will get easier with time.”

-What do you wish you knew before you became a parent?

“I wish I knew how hard it was going to be.  Even though it is hard, the gratification of seeing your kids’ faces when they tell you they love you makes all the tough times completely worth it.  However, it is difficult because you have to be on your toes at all times since your kids are looking to you for every example of how they should be and behave.”

-What were some parenting tips that were passed down to you from your family members?

“My grandparents taught me that it’s important to not force children to bend to your will.  They should be able to express themselves and be given time to develop their own personalities in order to become individuals.”

-How do you deal with the day to day challenges and stresses involved in being a parent?

“It’s important to take everything one day at a time.  There is nothing that should ever stress you to the point that you lose your cool and behave in a way that you will regret later.  It’s okay to make mistakes because those mistakes show you how to be a better parent in the long run.”

    You can also join Poncho de Anda on Facebook on September 20, 2012 from 12 pm EST to 1pm EST as he answers questions about how he tackles the challenges of parenting from a dad’s perspective.  He is a television personality and the father of two children.  Huggies invites you to join Poncho de Anda in a Spanish chat and ask away to your heart’s content.  All you have to do that day is look for the picture of Poncho on the Facebook page at the scheduled time.

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