Celebrate Autumn By Pairing New Veggie And Meat Dishes! #HormelFamily

    Now that Fall is upon us, it is time to make the transition from preparing warm weather meals to foods that are now in season with the winter months ahead of us.  Sometimes, pairing your meat dishes with seasonal vegetables can seem like a daunting task.  September and October are great months to experiment with seasonal root vegetables.  The new cool weather conditions are ideal for the growth of such veggies as broccoli, squash and cauliflower.

    It is important to keep a few things in mind when pairing meats and seasonal veggies.  Here are some tips for planning and preparing seasonal meals for your family:

*  Root vegetables gain some sweetness when they are roasted and taste delicious with pork.  One option is to pair a Hormel Always Tender roast flavored pork roast with carrots or a sweet potato as a tasty side.

*  Vegetables can be paired with different meats for slow cook dishes in the form of soups, stews, chili, and more.  You can try mixing Herb-Ox chicken or beef bouillon cubes to your favorite homemade dishes.

*  Some of the best seasonings to use in autumn weather are ginger and garlic.  Ginger can be added to marinades and stir-fries.  Garlic can be added to soups or stews for extra flavor and some zing.

    If you are always on the run like I am, you can combine a package of frozen stew vegetables with Hormel beef tips & gravy refrigerated entree to create a delicious Beef Stew that can be ready to eat in less than 15 minutes!  I actually prepared this exact meal this past week and my family loved it!  I also have a rice cooker so I prepared some white rice and poured the beef and vegetable mix over the rice for a yummy meal that even the kids loved.

    I was able to prepare the meal, serve it, and have everything cleaned up in a little over an hour.  Additionally, it was very easy to find all of the ingredients quickly in the supermarket.  The beef tips and frozen vegetables were practically side by side in the the frozen food aisle.  Also, they were having a sale on rice so, after working all day long, I was able to run in and out and get the ingredients for my meal as quick as a flash.

    We challenge you to put together a newly paired meal!  Maybe you will step outside your usual comfort zone and try out a new seasonal veggie or a new type of protein.  Tell us, were you able to put a new flair on a family recipe or did you start from scratch?  We would love to hear all about your meal!

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