Stiletto Media’s Kick Off Your Heels 12′ Party Recap #SMLatinas

    As many of you already know, I have proudly been blogging as a member of Stiletto Media for quite some time.  I’m proud to be a part of such an amazing and talented group of Latinas and we also know how to get together and have a great time!  This year I was invited to attend Kick Off Your Heels 12′ which was a held on August 2, 2012 from 6-8 P.M. It was hosted by Stiletto Media at Pio Pio Peruvian Restaurant which is located at 604 10th Ave. between 43rd and 44th Streets in New York City.

    This event allowed all of us to network with one another and to strengthen our already wonderful relationships while enjoying Latin cuisine and sangria.  I cannot even begin to explain to you all how rewarding it was to enjoy this celebratory time with my colleagues in an informal environment without the pressure of professional deadlines or time constraints.

    I felt like a VIP as I walked to the back of the restaurant and descended a staircase laden with tea candles on every step and observed a sign welcoming all Stiletto Media Bloggers to the event.  As I entered the event, all of my senses were stimulated by the sights, sounds, scents, and eventually tastes that were all taking place simultaneously.  Everything looked so beautiful and everyone looked their best!

    In one corner of the room, Stiletto Media Bloggers were being photographed and interviewed by professional photographers and videographers and it was reminiscent of the red carped at the Oscars.  After all, what woman does not like to have her picture taken and to have all eyes on her when she is all dressed up?  In the opposite corner of the room delicious sangria was being served to all of the guests from decanters also containing fresh fruits.

    That’s not all!  There was a glitter tattooist on hand to adorn the ladies with some body art.  The glitter tattoos looked beautiful and some of the ladies later commented to me that they lasted a few days without fading or losing their brightness.  As if all of that wasn’t enough, waiters came around during the entire event and tantalized our palates with delectable Peruvian hors d’oeuvres and pastries.  My personal favorite were the empanadas.  They are made by folding dough or bread around stuffing, which usually consists of a variety of meat, cheese, vegetables, or fruits.

    As I looked around, I can honestly say that I felt like I was surrounded by old friends.  Despite the fact that I had only communicated with many of these women online, there was a warmth and camaraderie in the air that would make you think we had all known each other personally for many years.  It was so easy to approach everyone and you could literally feel the support in the room as we all exchanged business cards and posed for pictures with each other as we laughed and shared.

    I love being a participating blogger for Stiletto Media.  My contributions as a writer, professional, mother, and Latina are respected and celebrated within this community of amazing and diverse women.  If you are interested in becoming a member of Stiletto Media and joining a network of influential bloggers in the general and Hispanic markets, you can join us here!  Don’t forget to tell your friends too because, remember, “Stilettos are meant to be worn in pairs!


Disclosure: As a member of the Stiletto Media Blogger Network, my trip to the VIP Latina Blogger Event was sponsored, but as always, my thoughts and words are my own.

© 2012 – 2013, Tough Cookie Mommy. All rights reserved.


  1. Oh Maria, Mariaaaaaaa, you remind me of a westside story!! bwhaha jk jk! From the instant I spotted you in the lobby at the Hilton, I knew we would be become friends! You have such a fantastic energy, and I’m so glad to not only be in Stiletto Media with you, but glad to call you my friend. Can’t wait to party with you again. xoxo

    • Alexandra, I also immediately felt a connection to you from the first moment we met.  It is refreshing to meet someone as sincere and warm as you are.  I’m very thankful to Migdalia and Stiletto Media for bringing us together.  We will definitely be partying again and will enjoy many years of friendship and good times. xoxo


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