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    Today was a perfect day for me to sit down and blog about ways to solve embarrassing beauty disasters as I am currently having a mini beauty disaster of my own.  Before I begin to tell you guys all about it, let me warn you in advance that some parts of the story might fit within the category of “TMI” or “too much information.”

    In any case, I have combination skin which means it is oily in some places and dry in other places.  I generally try to take really good care of my face and am pretty lucky to not have many problems with acne as an adult.  Unfortunately, this is not true during that special time of the month that all of us ladies have.

    Yes, I’m sorry to say that I always get a pimple or two right around the time I get my period.  This month is no different and, right on time, I quickly noticed the offensive zit right on the left side of my chin.  As you can see in the photo below, it was an especially large one this month.  As a matter of fact, I have a labret piercing on that same side and I think the zit is actually bigger than the stud in my piercing.  See for yourself:

    There are things that we can all do to help solve many of our embarrassing beauty disasters.  Here are some tips for fixing some of the worst beauty blunders that I have picked up over the years:

  • Lipstick on Teeth:  After applying lipstick, most women will take a piece of tissue or toilet paper and bite down on it in order to remove residual color that can stain their teeth.  This is not always enough because it is the lipstick that we get on the inside of our lips that gets on our teeth.  I usually form an “O” with my lips and slide my finger straight out of my mouth.  Whatever residual lipstick was on the inside of my lips gets on my finger and I just wipe it off with a tissue.  Otherwise, that residual lipstick would have rubbed off on my teeth.
  • Pimples:  If you get a pimple right before an important event, resist the urge to pop it because that is the worst thing that you could do!  Applying a cold compress or some crushed ice wrapped in a paper towel to it will help with some of the swelling.  Afterwards, apply some mint based toothpaste right on the pimple.  The toothpaste will dry out the pimple and help it to heal in less time.
  • Dark Armpits:  Dark armpits are caused by too much shaving and rubbing your armpits against rough fabrics.  You could lighten up dark shades by plucking unwanted hair instead of constantly shaving.  Also, using Dove Clear Tone Skin Renew Deodorant.  It contains calendula and sunflower seed extracts which help to moisturize your skin while speeding up the natural skin renewal process.  Over time, you will see dark marks visibly reduced.
  • Frizzy Hair:  If you need to tame frizzy hair while out on the town, all you need to do is carry some hand lotion in your purse.  In an emergency, you can squirt a drop in your palms and run your hands over the length of your hair.  Just be careful not to use too much hand lotion as it can make your hair oily if overused.

    Luckily, I didn’t have to attend any special events this week so I have been using some of these tips to get rid of this volcano on my chin.  Just remember, no beauty emergency is the end of the world!

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