Visit A-Maze-Ing Water At The New York Aquarium!


    As many of you know, I am a Blog Ambassador for the Bronx Zoo and the New York Aquarium.  This is a great source of pride for me because these are two institutions that my family visits frequently every year and we support their many programs to educate people about the wonders of animals and marine life.

    This summer, the New York Aquarium is launching an exciting and interactive experience that will demonstrate the importance of water to sustain life and to perpetuate the survival of our planet Earth, and how it connects all of us on a daily basis.


    Visitors will learn how to be more proactive in caring for our local and global waterways and the wildlife habitats that depend on them.  This will be accomplished through exploration, scientific inquiry, artistic expression and action.

    This unique exhibit is highlighted by Water’s Extreme Journey, a 3,000 square foot maze that transforms all visitors into a tiny drop of water and sends them on a challenging journey.  The maze includes watershed environments, rivers, lakes, oceans, and environmental threats.



    A-MAZE-ING Water will also feature special hands-on activities that will take place on weekends only and include:


  • Take Action Mailbox Station – Visitors can act immediately on their concerns based upon what they just experienced in the maze and appeal to local legislators to support clean water initiatives.  This area gives them the opportunity to voice their concerns by writing a letter, drawing a picture, or making a collage. Letters and art will be delivered to local government officials.
  • Giant Community Mosaic –Using imagination, visitors can create more than 600 mosaic tiles that combine to make a large-scale work of art.  The Wyland-designed mosaic reinforces the power of community coming together for a common goal.
  • Model of Local Watershed – A model of a typical watershed will give visitors a chance to see how pollutants turn into run-off that affects drinking water and impacts the health of our oceans.
  • New York Seascape Interactive– Visitors will explore the New York Bight and discover the remarkable diversity of marine life that lives in local waters (330 species of marine fish, 26 species of sharks and four species of sea turtles) through an interactive game.
  • Water-themed Art Exhibition: The aquarium’s Ocean View Room will be transformed into The Conservation Gallery  and feature multi-media artists who will display their works from a variety of mediums. All works of art will celebrate the importance, vitality, and beauty of water.
    You can buy tickets online for a 10% discount by visiting NYAQUARIUM.COM.

DisclosureOur blog is participating in a sponsored ambassador program from the Bronx Zoo/NY Aquarium.  As a part of this program we have received a premium family membership and merchandise for specific postings related to programming.   Any statements made in this post are the author’s honest opinions. I only recommend products or services I use personally and I believe will be “family friendly.” I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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  1. I haven’t been here yet, but it’s on my list of place to visit!

  2. Yokasta Schneider says

    Great post!!! I don’t remember having ever visited the aquarium while living in NYC. I’ll have to put that on the list of places to visit on my next visit.

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