Get The Party Started With Mario Party 9! #WiiFamilia

    In this house, we don’t need any excuse to grab our friends and invite our family over to party and spend time together.  We all have hectic schedules so we really appreciate any opportunity to let our hair down and just have a good time with our loved ones.  The Nintendo Wii is uniting families all over the country and there is no better game to get the party started than with Mario Party 9!

    Mario Party 9 features new ways to play for the entire family!  Players can now travel together across stages in a vehicle towards the common goals of facing challenges, fighting bosses, and gathering the Mini Stars that have been stolen by Bowser and his army.  It features 80 mini games and new stages full of non-stop adventure.  Up to four players can work together towards overcoming these obstacles and getting the party started.

    Each stage ends in a Boss Battle which is a first for the Mario Party franchise and allows players to combine their collective strength to overcome classic villains such as Bowser and King Boo.  Players can also ride from stage to stage in special vehicles which they can all captain making sure that everyone is involved in the game action.

    Some of our particular favorites included being able to travel multiple paths along themed stages so that no two games are ever played the same.  This helps to keep my boys engaged and takes away to monotony of having only one path to the stage destination point.  My husband and I also liked the fact that some of the new environments can also be enjoyed and played alone or with a group.

    We had an amazing time playing Mario Party 9!  As you can see from the photographs, my boys could not stop playing all day.  It’s a good thing that they are on vacation from school or we would have had a lot of sad faces.  This game is an amazing value at the suggested retail price of $49.99 considering it features so many ways to play.  Are you ready to get the party started?


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  1. Thank you so much for your review on Mario Party 9! I definitely
    agree the Wii game system is uniting families all over the world. My family
    loves having game night and they really want Mario Party 9. I just hate having
    to buy video games because they are expensive. Since I stared working at Dish I
    got the Blockbuster @Home package so we can now rent games and DVD’s. The cool
    thing is we can keep a game or DVD for however long we want without having to
    worry about late fees. My kids have no idea I already ordered Mario Party 9 for
    them and I can’t wait to see their faces when it arrives in the mail, lol.

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