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    This past week, I seemed to spark a debate on some of the social media outlets by asking this simple question:  “Does the term Mommy Blogger offend you?”  Some women bloggers that I interact with regularly responded that the title does not offend them at all because they feel that they are mothers who blog.  Others responded that they are greatly offended by the term, either because they are not mothers and don’t want to be categorized as such or because there seems to be a negative connotation to the title in some blogging circles.

    Personally, I have no problem with being called a Mommy Blogger.  It would be silly for me to deny the fact that I am a mother who sometimes blogs about issues that are relevant to women who have children.  Although I have always considered myself to be a serious writer, I have never felt that this title somehow takes away from my validity as such.  It actually somewhat puzzles me as to why this term has become so offensive to some bloggers considering that the title encompasses a demographic of consumers that has great influence over many companies and the way that they advertise and present products. 

    Perhaps the reason why some are bothered by this moniker is that they do not want to be associated with blogs that only conduct reviews and giveaways and do not demonstrate posts with significant writing content.  Let me just say that, in my humble opinion, review and giveaway blogs are in a different category altogether and do not represent for me what a Mommy Blogger is.  Additionally, regardless of how you feel about these kinds of review blogs, their publishers also deserve respect as legitimate business people who cater to a specific market.  To simply disregard these individuals as not being “real bloggers” is just unfair and inappropriate. 

    So what is a Mommy Blogger?  She is a woman who may or may not have a talent for writing but definitely has something to say and to contribute.  She is definitely a woman who wears many hats and takes advantage of opportunities that will benefit her family.  She may be a Working Mom or a Stay at Home Mom, both of whom work equally as hard to provide and care for their families.  She is an educated consumer who will only buy and use the best products in her home and around her children and family.  Lastly, she transcends cultural, racial, and socioeconomic boundaries in her attempts to connect with other like minded women and individuals.

    Over the past couple of years that I have been blogging, I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting all kinds of bloggers whose blogs centered around a variety of topics and niches.  The fact of the matter is that all of our blogs serve a purpose, first to ourselves, and then to our readers who find something of themselves within our posts or our interactions.  Although I am not offended by being referred to as a Mommy Blogger, it is important that we move past titles and labels and that we continue to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect for one another and our craft.  This blogging pie is certainly big enough for each one of us to have a slice.

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  1. This is such a well written post!  I totally agree with you on all counts!

  2. Conieree says

    Great Post!

  3. The title of the post says it all. Don’t call me that.

    Call me a mom who blogs, or call me a blogger. Only my kid can call me “mommy” – it’s a term reserved for people who personally know me.

  4. I love it – as usual with your SERIOUS writing :).  I have found myself hesitant to even tell people I blog at all – forget mommy blogger.  I don’t know why other than it is very personal and opening yourself up to others is difficult – especially as far as many of us do via our blogs.  I will get over it for sure, but it IS interesting to see the response and variety of feelings associated with the various names and labels that come with online personalities.  It’s a whole new world for sure!  🙂

  5. Very beautifully written. I completely agree with your assessments here. I’m so glad I stopped by (from “Hoppin Weekend”). I’m happy to be a new follower of yours and I’d love it if you came by to check out my little “mommy blog” too. 😉

    Thanks and have a wonderful week!

    Twins Plus One, Three Times the Fun

  6. Anonymous says

    Excellently written and how right you are. Nina

  7. Quite interesting post! I call my self a mommy blogger, and I’m proud to be one.

  8. Very well written. I am not offended when I´m called a Mommy Blogger, but it all depends on the context and who it is coming from. What I cannot stand is getting a pitch from a PR company that has not taken the time to even glance at my site and my About page to get my name and starts the email with a “Dear Mommy Blogger.”  I cannot stand it….and I doubt many can.
    Aside from that, I have a deep respect for mom bloggers in every category.  We are a difficult bunch to group into one because we are so diverse in what we write and how we do it.  
    I take offense to anyone wanting to divide us by implying we only fit into one, very narrow category. 

    • I completely agree with you, Ana. If the title is ever used in a derogatory or offensive way, it certainly is divisive. We are a hard group to categorize because we are so diverse and dynamic. It is wonderful that we are multifaceted in this way.

  9. Anonymous says

        I am stopping by from Sunday Strolling Blog Hop! I am your newest follower and you can find me here~


  10. Thank you for taking the time to write
    this post after our back-and-forth exchange on Twitter.  


    I have the highest regards and respect
    towards someone like yourself, for voicing your ‘real’ opinion with
    professionalism and heart.


    As I shared with you on Twitter, not all
    bloggers, especially female bloggers, fall under the mom blogger umbrella.
     And not all feel welcome or especially embraced when they
    “come-out” and ask, and sometimes demand, to be called anything
    but “mom blogger.”


    As much as some bloggers would like to
    believe that all bloggers fall under the mom blogger umbrella, not only is it
    not true, it is simply idealistic.  


    To those bloggers that believe that
    wanting to call everyone by the same term will unite, and choosing to be called
    and categorized differently, divisive, then they are holding on to values that
    no longer ring true in this evolving and growing industry.  


    As this industry evolves, so should our
    professional stance and overall view that not everyone, as Latina, female, mom
    or not, can be simply categorized as a “Latina mom blogger,” The flip
    side of this coin, is that this same blogger shouldn’t be diminished,
    unrecognized, or simply ignored because she prefers, and dislikes being called
    mom blogger.


    If anything, I applaud those women that
    have become stronger, truer and more ‘real’ by defining themselves as they see
    themselves.  They are creating and embracing their niche and not trying to
    fall within all categories to be a catchall blog.


    By the same token, let’s continue to celebrate
    the mom bloggers that opened up the door to many other “niche”
    bloggers.  Those bloggers that share their heart and open their family to
    share parenting tips, coupons and saving advice, family and kids to-dos, and
    anything that would fall within the mom, family, and kid realm.


    And that is why, as you know, the
    “Latina Lifestyle Blogger Group” exists, evolves and grows.  We
    were founded because we heard the same thing you mention in your post from our
    blog friend’s: “I am NOT a mom blog.” 
    Or “I am a lifestyle blog, not a coupon site.”


    After some back-and-forth, we created a
    home for those Latina Lifestyle bloggers that write passionately about fashion,
    food, travel, tech, sex, beauty, design and other topics that do not actively
    engage readers that are looking for kid and family-focused blogs.


    Because we are not “everything to
    everyone,” we embrace and share between other Latina and blogger groups.
     But will also continue to strive to be the “home” for Latina
    Lifestyle bloggers.


    Thank you, once again, for bringing this
    very important issue, that we were only once the champions of, to the

    • Ana Lydia, you are right about the importance of having the freedom and the room to define ourselves. It is imperative that we be able to represent ourselves and our brands in a manner that we approve of individually. This discourse is necessary in order to open the doors of communication and to keep that level of communication continuously evolving. You are a true advocate of women bloggers, writers, and businesspeople and I applaud you.

  11. I’ve awarded you the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award –

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