10 Things I Learned This School Year…


    The end of the school year is finally upon us.  Tomorrow is the last day of school for all New York City public school students.  It is a bitter-sweet time for me because I am saying goodbye to students that I have taught for the last two years for seventh and eighth grade.  This time has really allowed me to develop meaningful relationships with these kids and get to really know them. 

    I would be lying, however, if I didn’t admit that I am ecstatic at the prospect of going on summer vacation and having two whole months off with my sons to make up for lost time that I did not get to spend with them throughout the year while I am working and they are in school.  To mark the end of the academic year, I would like to reflect on some of the things that my students taught me this year.  So, without further ado, here are…

 10 things I learned in the 2010-2011 school year:

1.  One can never be too cautious about personal hygiene so, when in doubt, it is okay to apply deodorant during English Language Arts class.

2.  Apparently, computers were not invented yet when I was a kid.

3.  It is very important to omit the words ball and nut when reading aloud to teenage boys unless you want them to break out in uncontrollable laughter.

4.  Children tell their teachers EVERYTHING that goes on in their homes, and I mean EVERYTHING.

5.  It is never a good idea to wear high-heeled shoes to walk across the stage at graduation to get your diploma, especially if you haven’t practiced walking in them.

6.  Teenagers own stock in all of the major chewing gum companies.

7.  You will never see the parents whom you really need to speak to during Parent Teacher Conferences.

8.  Even good kids will lie sometimes…

9.  Substitute teachers are brave individuals.

10.  It takes a special, and possibly mentally ill, person to be a teacher. 😉

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  1. Ashley's Bookshelf says

    I am a new follower and I would love if you came and followed me back at A Sew Chic Boutique!

  2. Anonymous says

    This is too cute. I laughed so hard at #3 b/c the boys in my son’s class has been going through this for the last few weeks and it is only third grade lol

    • Oh my goodness! You wouldn’t believe how ridiculous it gets when they hear these words. I always say that they are like walking hormones at this middle school age. It seems that they are starting younger and younger these days. Kids these days definitely know a lot more than we did when we were their age.

  3. My 41-year-old husband still laughs at ‘nuts’ and ‘balls’ when he hears them…and english isn’t even his first language! Enjoy your summer 🙂

  4. Jeryl M. says

    My mother always tells me I should get a job as a substitute teacher but I know better. I went to school. I remember what the kids were like to subs. I am a new follower. Visit my daughter and I at our blog, Says Me Says Mom (http://saysmesaysmom) where we talk about anything and everything.

  5. Anonymous says

    Great list with a dash of humor!

  6. Thank you for the chuckle. I agree with all of the above… Especially 3, 5 and 10.  Hee hee! Have a wonderful week!


  7. Generations of Savings says

    Too funny and so true:)  New follower from the Thursday Blog Hop! I would love for you to follow me back at http://generationsofsavings.blogspot.com/

  8. When I was first teaching, I had a wiseass student ask if we invented fire in tech-ed. I told him no, it spooked the dinosaurs we rode to school. I think I was all of about 25 at the time and I’d gone to school with several of my students older siblings. Ah, the perception of age.

    • Hi, Samantha. That is too funny! According to my students, computers were not even invented when I was their age. They really think that we are prehistoric! It is great to connect with you.

  9. Special and mentally ill…I have a lot to look forward to! Haha. Following you from the Follow Me Back Tuesday hop! 🙂

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