As most of you already know, I have been an English Language Arts Middle School teacher for the past ten years.  All of that time has been spent teaching inner city public school students.  I can tell you that everyday of teaching this age group is an adventure for a variety of reasons…First, they are at that age where they think that they are grown-ups and that they know everything.  Second, they are full of hormones that sometimes make them lose their minds and say and do things that are shocking to us adults. 

    Today, as I was teaching and interacting with my students, I thought that you guys would enjoy reading some of the things that my Darlings tell me on a daily basis.  So, without further ado, I present you with “Middle Schooler Quotes” courtesy of my students:

“Mrs. C, I can’t help eating candy and chewing gum in class.  The gum calls out to me and tells me, “Please chew me!”

“Miss, could you please talk to “R.”  He just licked my notebook and my pen.”

“May I please go the bathroom?  I have to change my pad.”

“I don’t have my homework because gang members robbed me on the train and stole it.”

“That teacher always dresses like a Hoochie…”

“I asked the Science teacher if he had his period because he yelled at me.”

“What are you going to tell my mother on parent-teacher night?  I hope it’s good because my birthday is coming up…”

“My mother followed my father to work yesterday because she thinks he is cheating on her.”

“No, I’m not eating candy.  I swear it on all that I love.”

“Could you tell my mother that I was here with you yesterday afternoon even though I wasn’t?  Maybe then she will take me off punishment.”

“If you have a backyard, it means that you are rich.”

“Can we look at our notes while we are taking this test?”

“Mrs. C, I don’t like the color of your nail polish.”

“I couldn’t study for the test because I was busy this weekend.”

“But I love you, Miss…”

    As you can see, they are a really candid bunch.  Sometimes I have to contain myself from chuckling out loud so that they will continue to take me seriously.  The truth is that I enjoy all of them tremendously and they always bring rays of sunshine into my day even if they do give me too much information most of the time.

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  2. Hiya Tough Cookie Mommy! I am so happy you are joining us on the Saturday Stalk! Nice to meet ya! =} I am following your blog! Happy Stalking!

  3. Oh, Lord, I think all these kids are sleeping over at my house tonight!

  4. These are hilarious!

  5. Those are so funny! I would have a hard time keeping a straight face, as well. Too fun.

  6. Oh my what a crack up:) Sounds like you have an adventure everyday:)

  7. Too funny!! Thanks for posting this, it sure made me giggle. I don’t know how you keep a straight face at work!

    Found you through the Saturday Stalk blog hop!


    • Hi, Morgan. I am so glad that you stopped by. It is really hard to keep a straight face sometimes but I do it because teenagers can smell fear and I don’t want them to think they could walk all over me. Other times I just break down and laugh because they really crack me up. They really have no filters and they say pretty much anything they want.

  8. LOL, “That teacher dresses like a hoochie.” They are so honest! When I was pregnant with my first son, I was teaching first graders, I would sit in the little chairs or kneel beside them as the worked. Eventually that wasn’t working anymore so I would roll around in my teacher chair. One little girl said, “Why aren’t you sitting in the kid chairs anymore? I know, it’s because you got too fat for our chairs!”

  9. lol…too funny!

    I love what kids have to say. They’re usually pretty honest and unfiltered. 🙂

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  11. I didn’t know you were a teacher! I was too, but with a much younger group. It’s amazing the things they will tell you!

    • Yes, I have been a teacher for what seems like forever. I actually taught in a daycare center my first year and the little ones tell you some really funny things along with telling you all of their parents’ business. Lol

  12. Wow, some of these are kind of heartbreaking. You must really be a tough cookie because I think I would crumble.

    • Lala, you are the only one who feels, like I do, that many of these are really sad. I actually left out some of the ones that are really sad because the purpose of this post was to share some of the funny things that my students tell me. I have to be a tough cookie to see some of the things that I see in my profession. There have been many times that I have driven home while sobbing the entire way due to some of the things that my students are going through…

  13. haha, they’re all great! i love the one about the mother following the father!

  14. Those are hilarious quotes. It is always amazing what information the little darlings will share. Every parent needs to realize that what is said in the home many times goes to school. When my kids were younger, I was careful not to make them privy to things that I did not want shared around the hallowed hall of the school house:) Thanks for sharing…it made me smile.

    • Glad this brought a smile to your face. Being an educator, I am all too aware of the dangers of children spreading private “home business” in the classroom. As a result, I have had many discussions with my children about being discreet about personal family business. It’s something all parents should discuss with their children when they are old enough to understand.

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    These are just too funny! I love this post.

  16. I have a middled school child and TOTALLY understand all these quotes! I hear them all the time….

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  19. Oh man, I don’t know how you do it! I have a friend who teaches high school and she says it’s not that bad. But Middle School? I remember saying and doing a few things in my day that I would never say/do now. I guess it’s just a rite of passage… 🙂

    • Hi, Kandi. It seems that they settle down a bit by the time they get to High School. They are just going through puberty in Middle School and that I why I think they momentarily lose their minds.

  20. Hello Maria!

    Never a dull moment at work huh? It’s really hilarious some of the words, thoughts and excuses children come up with – some genius and some plain silly. You simply got to love them. lol

    It reminds me of our staff sometimes and they’re full grown adults. The excuses they come up with when they come late to work! Oh well…

    Hope you’re well. I’m busy at the moment refurbishing our kitchen. I’m hoping we’ll have it all done by end of this week. Hugs to you! 🙂

    • It is so nice to hear from you, my dear frienc! I completely understand that you have been busy. This week has been exhausting for me between parent teacher conferences, submitting report cards, and preparing for Thanksgiving next week. I can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like. Make sure you take lots of photos. Big hugs to you too!


  1. Maria says:

    NEW POST: Check out the funny things my students say…RT @toughcookiemom: Too Much Information!

  2. Maria says:

    NEW POST: Check out the funny things my students say…RT @toughcookiemom: Too Much Information!

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