The Gloves Are Off…

Dear Mr. Principal,

     I am writing to you to express some concerns that I have regarding Ms. Incompetent’s grading policy. My son, B, is in her class and I have already expressed my concerns to her previously. My first issue was her criteria for grading penmanship. She has yet to provide me with a scoring rubric for how she is grading my son’s handwriting. I don’t think it is appropriate for her not to be formally assessing the children’s penmanship, but rather “piggybacking” grades off their Spelling tests.

    Today, I received a homework worksheet that she graded. She never specified that the children had to complete both sides of the sheet. I’m sure of this because I check the assignments every night on the school website. Also, she never notified the parents that she was grading that homework. My son completed the front side of the sheet and she gave him a 57. Had I known he was supposed to complete both sides, he would have. Actually, she has made it clear in the past that children not complete any parts of the books or worksheets without her directives. I am resubmitting the sheet, with both sides completed for a new grade. There is no way she is giving my son a 57 on a worksheet that she did not specify had to be completed on both sides nor did she specify was being graded.

In the future, I expect clearer communication of expectations and assignments from all your teachers. I pay a lot of money for my sons to attend your school and I am not happy this year with the second grade curriculum.

I have been a teacher for 11 years and these are not “best practices.” Please advise me as to how we could address this issue. I am available in the afternoons if a meeting is required. My son has consistently maintained Highest Honors at your school and I will not stand by while his academic record is blemished due to unsavory grading practices. I am fully aware of my rights as a parent. Thank you for your attention in this matter.


One Extremely Ticked Off,

Tough Cookie Mommy

*This is an actual letter written to my son’s Principal.  All names have been changed to protect the incompetent.

© 2010, Tough Cookie Mommy. All rights reserved.


  1. Livingthescream says

    I also have a 2nd grader. it is so hard some times to understand what the teacher wants the child to do! That's a good letter!

  2. I love how you changed the names to protect the incompetent! What a crappy position for you to be in with that teacher. Especially since you didn't let on initially that you were a teacher, but you DO know how it should be done. Good luck to you. You are a good mom.

  3. Pamela, I tell you, don't be surprised when you see me on the cover of the NY Daily News. This woman is really pushing my buttons. She is so vague about everything and then she penalizes the students when they don't do things her way. I am ashamed that she is part of my profession.

  4. Thank you. I am glad that someone knows what I am going through…I never understand what this teacher wants because she is not clear about anything. I have been putting off involving the Principal but, I really don't see what else I could do at this point. If I don't advocate for my son, who will?

  5. Sherri, it is a good thing that this is a G rated blog because there are a few other names that I could think of to call them besides incompetent. Thank you for saying that I am a good Mom, that is so nice of you to say.

  6. Oy! I hope it gets better soon! Perhaps a new teacher joining the staff while she packs her bags will help!

  7. Jill @ Single Mom on a Budget says

    Have you gotten a response?

  8. Not yet. I called the school this afternoon and left a message for the Principal. He is new this year and he is not making a good impression on me at all. I find it very unprofessional that he has not responded to my email at all.

  9. You go, MOM! Stay in your kids corner. If there is one thing I'll always be grateful for is having a mom who put up her dukes for me. Too often kids are penalized for things that need to be reevaluated. Good for you for being so actively involved and in the know at your kid's school! *applauding*

  10. real_mommy_grrl says

    Well done, Mama Bear. I love your approach here – you point out what is wrong, and ask for something to be done – putting it in writing is SO much better. Hopefully you get a response soon..

    Love your blog. Oink, oink!

  11. That teach sounds like a real piece of work! I hope the principal comes back with a good solution for this – I wouldn't accept anything less either.

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