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    I realize that it has been awhile since I last posted.  However, those of you who juggle all of the roles that I do will fully understand that it is sometimes impossible to wear all hats at all times.  Unfortunately, with all of my other responsibilities, my blog has been the one thing that I have been unable to keep up with lately.  It has really taken a back seat to my job as a teacher, my role as mother and wife, my Avon business, and my responsibilities at home.  This blog is very important to me and has never been far from my thoughts.  I really enjoy exchanging ideas and comments with all of my readers and get a great deal of joy and stress relief from sharing my thoughts with all of you.
    The past couple of months have been filled with many new experiences for myself and my family.  We registered my four year old for Pre-Kindergarten a couple of weeks ago.  I have to admit that it was really nice to attend the “Open House” that the school scheduled to allow the new students and their families to meet with the teacher and to see the classroom.  This was especially special to me because I never get the opportunity to attend these kinds of events with my children due to being a working Mom.  Since my husband works nights, he has been the one who has been there for first days of school, Parent-Teacher conferences, and many other school events.  I cannot even begin to describe the guilt that I sometimes feel at not being able to attend most of these events.  At the end of the day, though, it is a sacrifice that I make so that my children can attend the best schools and enjoy the very best that life has to offer.

    My husband also had an accident a couple of weeks ago.  Luckily, we have full coverage with a good insurance company so all of the repairs to his vehicle were covered.  Unfortunately, the accident was deemed his fault because he hit the other vehicle in the rear so I eagerly await to see the impact that this will have on my future insurance premiums.  It is amazing how one can be accident free for over five years and one mishap can drastically alter their insurance standing and immediately erase their previously impeccable driving record.  They should leave a little room for you to possibly have a fender bender every once in awhile.  After all, isn’t that why we all have car insurance in the first place?

    Another unfortunate event that has taken place within the past six months is that my Father had a small stroke.  Although he was released the next day after being admitted into the hospital, it was definitely difficult to see one of my parents in such a vulnerable position with his health.  He has been advised to watch his diet and to make sure he adheres to his Cardio workouts.  I am having trouble adjusting to seeing my parents have issues with their health as they enter their senior years.  Children are so used to being cared for all their life by their parents and suddenly the tables turn and they are called upon to care for their elderly parents.  Don’t get me wrong, my parents are not quite up there in age yet, however, it still makes me sad to see age having an impact on their overall health.

    As far as work is concerned, it is there.  I am experiencing what most teachers commonly refer to as “end of the year burnout” and am eagerly counting down the days until summer vacation.  The fact that the State Exams are over mixed with warm weather and teenage hormones are definitely a recipe for mayhem.  It is difficult to keep teenager engaged in a school building that does not have working air conditioning when they know that the year is almost over.  Perhaps this is the time when I should be requesting that you all send prayers out to me to give me the strength to survive the end of the year.  Maybe that is exactly what I need to help me make it through…In any case, it is good to be back and I look forward to blogging regularly, time permitting…

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