Get Over Yourself!

This post was a long time coming because I have had thoughts and opinions about this issue for a long time…I am so tired of people who bring all of their drama and problems to work with them! It is hard enough to get up every single morning and leave your warm bed and your family to go to work without having to deal with the nonsense of your co-workers when you get there.

When I go to work, I really try to leave my personal business or issues at home lest I burden someone else with them at the job. Now, I’m not perfect and I have not always been successful, especially when it came to worrying about my children being sick or anything having to do with my children. However, some people are completely ridiculous. They think that because their life sucks or that they are having relationship problems that everyone around them has to pay for it. This is simply not the case.

At my job, there are quite a few people that are generally miserable on a daily basis. They are miserable about everything and they make it very clear through their negative facial expressions, comments, gestures, and overall attitude. We work in a school so, unfortunately, our students pick up on our vibes immediately. These “drama queens and kings” spew their venomous issues and baggage on others much like the way Linda Blair did on The Exorcist when she vomited the green goo. This makes them feel better, in their own twisted ways, but it makes everyone around them sick to their stomach.

Secretly, I think that this behavior carries over from High School. You guys know what I’m talking about, those people who always had drama and created drama back in school. It’s almost as if nothing ever makes them happy except for the thrill of being consumed, surrounded by, and engulfed in problems. Their very existence depends on being rude to others, complaining about everything that they could possibly complain about, and thinking that everything is always about them. I’m here to represent those of us who couldn’t care less, are sick of hearing the BS, and are just amused by how pathetic and needy these attention hogs are. Welcome to the real world where no one person has exclusive rights to having problems, WE ALL HAVE THEM.

People really need to get a grip. If you hate life, don’t make others’ lives miserable just because you want some company. It is not the responsibility of others to solve your personal problems and the workplace is definitely not an appropriate venue for this kind of therapy. I’m not sure what motivates or drives this type of behavior. A few ideas come to mind about narcissism and self centeredness because these individuals really believe that the world revolves around them. At the end of the day, if you hate your life so much, stop complaining about it and do something to change your circumstances! That is all I have to say about that.

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  1. Amen!

  2. Hi, Charlene. I am so glad that somebody knows where I'm coming from on this…

  3. Too right! I am always available to listen to friends in need but there comes a point where I feel like shouting at them and telling them to do something positive about the problem instead of repeatedly whining! I get the feeling some people get a kick out of being miserable!
    Have a good week!

  4. Exactly, Kate! I am also always available to listen to friends in their moments of need. However, these individuals very often are not even close friends and all they ever do is complain and make everyone around them miserable. You are probably right, they enjoy misery.

  5. Hello Maria! You're so right. Make up some T-Shirts and sell them to the people you work with. Maybe they will get the message, even if they do not buy a T-Shirt.

  6. Hi, Theresa. I think the T-Shirt idea is great! Perhaps we could stamp a catchy phrase on it like, "get a life." Lol

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