Why Are You Asking Me For Spare Change?

It has been a really busy week what with the “back to school” rat race commencing and having to go back to work after being off for two months. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how much that truly sucked. It was especially difficult to leave my boys to go back to work after spending such a glorious summer with them, but I digress…
This week, for some reason, I have been approached by more and more people asking for spare change at STOP signs and intersections. I’m sure the state of the economy lends itself to this growing epidemic which is extremely sad for those who are indeed in dire straits, money wise, and have to resort to doing this. Unfortunately, I feel that all of the people that I have seen this week were just taking advantage of the situation and maybe weren’t in such financial trouble as they represented themselves to be. Let me explain to you why…
The first people I saw doing this, at the beginning of the week, was a couple that was standing at a busy intersection near my house. Both people were dressed nicely and tattooed from head to toe. They both had beautiful, elaborate tattoos and multiple piercings. Now, maybe I am reading too much into this, however, I happen to have a tattoo and know a little bit about them. I know the more elaborate and large the tattoo, the more it costs to get it done. This caused me to wonder how they had hundreds of dollars to get tattooed and pierced but had to stand at an intersection begging for change.
Later on during the week, I saw a man asking for change at a STOP sign while he was talking on his cell phone. Now, could someone please explain to me how he has enough money to pay for his cell phone but, yet, has to stand on the corner asking for money. Just seeing this was a complete oxymoron to me.
Believe me, I am definitely a benevolent person. However, I can’t help being angry and resentful when I see people being slick or trying to take advantage of the system. I wish I didn’t have to go work and that money could just magically make itself available to me so I could pay my bills and stay home raising my boys. That is why I feel that if others are physically capable of working, they should be working and not asking me for my hard earned money. I especially don’t want you asking me for money if you have thousands of dollars worth of tattoos or while you are talking on your cell phone.
Maybe living in a large, inner city has jaded me to this issue. Everywhere you turn, there is always someone trying to make a quick buck or scam you, here in New York City. I also think that we, as a society in general, have gotten very lazy. I’ll be damned, if I can crawl to work every single day, you can too. I’m aware that these are tough economic times but, give me a break. Where there is a will, there is a way.

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  1. I have to admit… I'm a sucker. But I totally hear what you're saying.

  2. I agree. You can find a job if you want to, just not the job that includes an office and a view.

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