Why Are Some Men Addicted to Sports?

It was only a matter of time before this subject came up in one of my blogs. The reason for that is that I am happily married to the biggest sports addict in the world. My husband will watch any sport that is on television even if it’s rock throwing. The addiction doesn’t stop there, however, he will also play any sport that he can at any given time.
I absolutely hate sports. My husband has made me hate sports because I can’t seem to ever get away from them. There was a time when I looked forward to watching Michael Jordan playing for Chicago as my brother and I ate watermelon without a care in the world. There was even a time when I looked forward to watching the Olympics every four years. I didn’t always hate sports as much as I do now.
No matter what season it is, there is always some sport on television. When football season ends, baseball season begins. Then there is the US Open, the NBA, Wimbledon, the World Cup of Soccer. Good grief, it is like a brainwash! Ladies, you all know what I am talking about, talking to your husband during a game and having him nod his head but God forbid you ask him what you were talking to him about.
This brings me to this pressing question: Why are men addicted to sports? Perhaps it is a burning desire to relive their glory days when they were physically in their sports prime. Maybe it’s that men are naturally competitive when it comes to exhibiting their strength and agility. It could be that men actually enjoy the socialization with other men even if they don’t want to admit it. Secretly, I think that men are just as gossipy as women and this is their time to talk and share what is going on in their lives with one another.
I will never understand it. Maybe I am not really an objective opinion because I only hate sports due to my husband’s obsession with them. Oh well, he is an amazing husband in all other areas so I guess I am ahead of the game. If a sports addiction is his worst vice, then I am in good shape.

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  1. Hi, great to be hear first time. Just stumbled upon this great blog. This post makes quite interesting reading. I am a man, but I am not addicted to sports! I think the title of your post is quite generalised, but i just wanted to say that not all men are addicted to sports! Nice post anyway. Bless you!

  2. You are right, that definitely was an unfair generalization. As you can see, I changed the wording in the title to "some". It's true that some men are not sports addicts. Everyone has something that they like a lot. What about you friend?

  3. I actually like pro-football but my husband is so ridiculous when watching a game, it kinda sucks the fun out of it for me!

  4. Charlene, since when is talking talking allowed when the game is on? LOL

  5. This post really made me interested. My Father and brother like sports and they do shout and do things like they are as if in the game. You know, as if they are the boxer and player of the game. It just make me nuts. I'm glad my husband is not like that. He's quiet. I like that.

  6. All the males in my life are avid sport fans, everyone from my husband to brothers to nephews to daddy to grand-daddy. But- my husband was the absolute worse. We have learned to compromise. Instead of playing football, basketball and baseball EVERY year, he now only plays football (his favorite) every year.

  7. i stumbled across your blog from BlogCatalog and this post hits home for sure! i used to LIKE sports until i married a man that LOVES them and now i HATE them. just a guy thing, i suppose! great blog!

  8. Hi, Shannon. I am so glad that I am not the only one who feels this way. I think the thing that really turned me off to sports was being overloaded with them. It is definitely a guy thing! Thanks for the support on the blog, it certainly is a work in progress.


  9. @ohmoma, I wish there was a way we could compromise. My husband is pretty good about everything else but he is a stubborn mule about sports. Maybe you could give me some pointers. 🙂

  10. Florence Cohen says

    Baseball soon to begin #personnanongratis

  11. Addiction is addiction. My husband is a good man but he is completely addicted to watching sports, especially baseball. It is ruining our marriage. His compulsion is so strong that he rarely has any time for me. Every day I watch my marriage get worse. His emotions are the result of how his team is doing. Don’t try to tell me that this is ok. It is not ok to let a marriage rot because baseball ( or whatever) is the most important part of his life. It is just not ok. Addiction is addiction. Don’t make excuses.

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