Who Cares if Michelle Obama Wears Shorts?!


I signed on to my computer today and I noticed an article about Michelle Obama. You might be wondering what would be so extraordinary about that since she is the First Lady and there are many articles written about her on a daily basis. This particular article caught my attention because it contained a picture of her stepping off an airplane with her daughter wearing shorts. Apparently, some people were offended at the prospect of the First Lady wearing shorts. You have really got to be kidding me!
First of all, she was on her way to a hiking trip vacation in the Grand Canyon. Isn’t that the kind of attire that people normally wear when they go on those kinds of trips? That is the problem with this country, we are so concerned with minutia that we don’t spend enough time worrying about the issues that are really important like the economy, health care, human rights, etc. I, personally, applaud Michelle Obama for not succumbing to the hypocrisy that is politics and changing who she is as a person to conform to the status quo. Too many of her predecessors were so pompous and self righteous that the public was unable to relate to them on a personal level.
I think it is so comical that Conservatives would find this to be an appropriate topic of conversation. Since when does a grown woman need anyone else’s advice or approval with regards to her wardrobe? Stop being so petty, people, and start paying attention to the issues that really matter. Have we really become so superficial as a society?

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  1. Yes, I believe for the most part, we have become an extremely superficial society. Unfortunately.

    I concur with all of your points here! Very well said.

    • I could not believe that this was what the media was focusing upon when this article came out. Since when is the First Lady’s attire more important than other news, namely the poor state of the American economy?

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