Today is a very sad day for my husband and I. We found out that my husband’s close friend, for many years, took his own life. Receiving such sad news is shocking in any situation, however, it is especially shocking when the person never gave you any indication that they were sad or depressed. I say that cautiously because I am, nor have I ever been, qualified to determine if someone is depressed or to diagnose someone who is mentally ill. It just seems, in retrospect, that there should have been more signs or more indication of what was to come.
Kenny was such an amazing individual. He was always the person that maintained a cool head in a tough situation. I can still remember being impressed by how mature he was for a guy who was just approaching his early twenties when I first met him. He was very philosophical and appeared to be firmly rooted in his moral beliefs. He and my husband enjoyed a great friendship and I couldn’t help myself from befriending him as well. There was never a time when he was to busy to talk to me or to listen when I just needed someone to vent with.
I wish I could turn back the hands of time so that he would still be here with us. We have continued our friendship over the years but everyone got busy with marriage, working, raising children, etc. You know, all the fringe benefits that come with being a responsible adult… It hurts me very much that he was so lonely in his final moments when he felt taking his life was the only way to end the pain. Such loneliness must have been devastating. The truth is that so many people loved and respected him. We all must have missed something. It is with great sorrow that I end this blog entry. RIP Kenny. We love you and we will miss you greatly.

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