Take The Sonicare Power Up Challenge With Your Family! #Ad

*This post was written by me on behalf of Phillips Sonicare.  I received complimentary product samples to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

    My boys are a pain in the you know what when it comes to brushing their teeth regularly.  It’s not that they haven’t been taught proper oral hygiene, it’s just that they don’t particularly rate making time to brush their teeth that high up on their list of priorities.  As a mother, however, I understand the importance of having a bright, clean smile and I know that proper brushing is the only way to get that smile.

    That is why we decided to take the Sonicare Power Up Challenge!  We replaced our sons’ manual toothbrushes with Sonicare Power Up power toothbrushes for one week to see if this would motivate them to brush their teeth more often.  Now, I don’t have to tell you how thrilled they were to have handy new power toothbrushes that basically did all of the hard work for them as they held it in their mouths and up to their teeth.

    I really liked how excited our boys suddenly became about brushing their teeth and I loved that Power Up gives you Sonicare clean on a budget!  For under $20, Power Up toothbrushes remove 2x more plaque in hard to reach places than manual toothbrushes can.  When you have two lazy teeth brushers like I do, knowing that using Power Up can help to improve their gum health and reduce their cavities is music to my ears!

    So, the consensus in our home was that our boys definitely brushed more often with their new Sonicare Power Up toothbrushes!  The only complaint that I have is that these toothbrushes run on batteries and cannot be recharged.  Power Up toothbrushes do come with batteries included but I would have liked to be able to charge them and not have to worry about batteries at all.

    You too can Power Up your family’s smile from the #1 recommended power toothbrush brand in the US.  It’s perfect for every member of your family and even comes in fun orange and blue colors that kids love.  You can connect with Sonicare on Facebook to learn all about the latest advances in oral hygiene technology!

Let’s Discuss:  How do you teach your children the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene?

Product Review/Giveaway disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above from Phillips Sonicare to test/review/giveaway in exchange for my opinion and for the purpose of writing this post. I only recommend products or services I use personally and I believe will be “family friendly.” I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  • PamIW

    I have one of these and I love it. It does motivate you to brush your teeth even if your are ancient, like me. ;)

  • Terry My Journey With Candida

    I have noticed how much cleaner my teeth feel when I use a toothbrush that does all the work for you. I can brush, brush, brush manually,… but when I use a power tooth brush, it gets everywhere.

  • Dawn Spatulas On Parade

    I recently purchased one for myself and my dh. LOVE it and wow how clean your teeth get. I told my son about it, he is grown and out on his own. He bought one and loves it. Good thing too , he has always been the one to not want to brush. He is brushing more.

  • Pam

    My son has one of these and he loves it. His orthodonist loves it too and told him how clean his teeth are since he begin using it.

  • Jenny

    I kinda want one of these but my teeth aren’t really all that strong. I’m afraid of what using one would do to me… I can dream though ;)

  • http://www.CouponMamacita.com/ Myrah – Coupon Mamacita

    Marilu owns one of these toothbrushes and she loves it. Her dental check ups are usually very good!

  • http://veggiesandglitter.com/ Casey

    I can see where this would make brushing a lot more fun for kids, in turn making them more apt to do it well. :)

  • http://www.hungrylittlegirl.com/ Jutta

    My sn hates brushing his teeth and it is a fight every day to get him to do so! Maybe this brush would help?! Definitely worth giving it a try!

  • http://areewithumbrella.blogspot.com/ Areeba Siddique

    My little sister totally hate to brush and never agrees without arguing a lot in morning, This product looks wonder, should try it once!

  • Dov Shapira

    I love those power brushes, My teeth feels great after brushing.

  • Samantha

    My oldest hates brushing his teeth. Maybe worth giving this a try. Thank you

  • JadeLouise Designs

    I actually HAVE that toothbrush!!! well, different color. but that’s the brand and style I own. I love it! It cleans so much better!

  • Antionette Blake

    It must be a “Boy Thing” – I still have to remind mine to brush longer. Great review!

  • http://www.growingupmadison.com/ GrowingUpMadison

    My boys hate brushing/bathing you name it, they hate everything it seems related to personal hygiene. Give them an electronic toothbrush and they would be more tempted to brush until the novelty wears off. :)

  • emycooks

    it is true, the toothbrush has its magic. I recently bought one and it helps. Batteries is the least problem;)

  • Chef John & Anne

    Unfortunately, our son has learned through the experience of having a cavity, although it was not due to his lack of proper hygiene but the experiences of having been in an orphanage. Still it does help serve as a reminder when needed that he doesn’t want another one! We love electronic toothbrushes too!

  • Nicole A.

    We just made the switch to electric toothbrushes and we love them. My teeth feel so much cleaner.

  • kristenione

    What a good idea for kids to use an electric toothbrush! My son is 18 mo and hates when I brush his teeth…but I think it’s because his gums are sore where teeth are coming through. Hoping it won’t always be a struggle!

  • Corinne Schmitt

    My husband and I both use Sonicares and though we love them, I haven’t invested the money to get each of my four kids their own. They use battery-powered toothbrushes instead. I keep watching our wholesale club for a great deal on them, but no luck yet.

  • Erzsebet

    I have used a simple toothbrush all my life and works perfectly fine for me – I don’t even like the electric one. Children are wonderful – they can mimic and learn whatever you teach them so I would not bother to invest too much money into expensive ones.
    I’m sure it works best for you though :)

  • Melinda Kuffler Dunne

    I always use an electric toothbrush and so does my son. We haven’t tried sonicare yet though. He has braces so he needs something that will get in there and clean. I brush too hard so I need something that I don’t use manually. I will have to take a look at this. The color is nice too.

  • http://itsmysideoflife.com/ Motherbugs

    We haven’t tried sonicare yet, but that looks like a brand we have already. Kids love it!

  • Kyle Wiley

    I make sure my son brushes his teeth every morning and at night before he goes to bed. The idea is the habit will continue through the rest of his life

  • Courtney Pies

    That seems like a really nice toothbrush! I may have to get me one! :) Our daughter is only two, but we brush her teeth every night, so we hope it will instill how important it is to brush your teeth!

  • mel cole

    Nice toothbrush indeed! I just bought a couple of battery powered toothbrush. Haven’t tried them yet but I want soon as I’m motivated to use it after reading your post.

  • Amanda McMahon

    we have sonicare and love it!

  • kSquaredGlamour

    i would love to get our family powered toothbrushes like these

  • Healy Harpster

    The price is affordable for a trusted quality toothbrush. I have to get my girl one of this.

  • http://www.blessedelements.com/create Grace Hodgin

    I’d really like to try one of these for myself. I think I’d get better coverage.

  • http://www.thankyougreatspirit.com/ Dawn Saros-Kirk

    My boys have been wanting one of these. I’m getting them each one for Christmas. Not the funnest present but they’ll like it. :-)

  • Daisy Tremorev

    I think that this toothbrush would be really good for my son because he doesn’t brush well enough on his own, but the power in this toothbrush would probably help him to be more effective.

  • Carlee C

    Well we happen to have a dentist in our family, so the kids started with proper oral care from a wee age! My 2 older kids are members of the no cavity club. :)

  • http://thedivinemissmommy.com/ Stacie Haight Connerty

    Great. Nice that you got him to brush. I should get these for my kids and maybe they would brush more often!

  • amypugmire

    We go to regular checkups and i let my kids watch what I do each morning and night so they know how important it is.

  • Melanie Roberts

    My kids know that NOT brushing their teeth isn’t an option, they have to brush at least twice and we’ve done that since they were little and has worked well for us

  • slehan

    No kids but I think setting a good example of good dental hygiene is a must.