Adventures in Zambezia On Blu-ray and DVD Review And Giveaway

    We are huge movie buffs in this house and we especially love to watch animated films.  Last night we made some family time to review the film Adventures in Zambezia on Blu-ray and DVD thanks to Sony Pictures.  We greatly enjoyed the graphics of the film as well as the theme of the film.

    The film is set in the bird city of Zambezia on the edge of Victoria Falls.  It’s a bird paradise where all different types of birds can live in peace without worrying about being attacked by predators.  The story centers around the life of a young falcon named Kai who is looking to spread his wings and assert his independence.

    He ends up learning a lot more than he bargained for when he finds out the true story of his family history and ends up defending the city and being taught how to be part of a community.  This story is told in South Africa and delivers lively and colorful images as well as multicultural references.

    I had the opportunity to discuss with my boys some of the messages that were taught in the film.  It addresses the issue of coming of age and leaving home to become an adult when Kai leaves his family’s nest to travel to Zambezia.  Additionally, it focuses on the importance of being brave in the face of adversity when Kai is called upon to defend the city from predators.

    Your family will be sure to enjoy the film as much as our family did.  You can even download a free activity book as a guide to discuss the film with your family.


Our sponsor is giving away two copies of Adventures in Zambezia, one on Blu-ray and one on DVD, to two readers of Tough Cookie Mommy.a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Mary Elderton

    Wow–I can never name a “favorite of all time”—there are just too many good ones! We did really enjoy the “Madagascar” movies, because they are so funny. There is great humor for the kids and the adults.
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  • Patricia

    I really like The Little Mermaid.

  • Elda Torres

    Me encantan todas las de las princesas de Disney,por que me transportan a un mundo magico.

  • Debra Hall

    my favorite is disney’s up

  • Mar

    oh I am sure we will enjoy this movie.

  • Mar

    oops Madagascar is a favorite;)for the moment!

  • agordon10

    The Incredibles, the whole family enjoys it.

  • David

    I love “Persepolis”, because it take the animation genre, and spins it on its head, not just with its visuals, but it overall story.

  • Austin Baroudi

    Wreck It Ralph because I’m a huge video game nerd and it’s all about video games!!!!

  • Danielle Lima

    Beauty and the Beast. I love the romance in it.

  • Kelly Nicholson

    What is your favorite animated film of all time


  • William Griesmer

    My favorite animated movie of all time is Wreck-it Ralph. It is my favorite because it integrates video games which was something i spent a good part of my childhood doing…

  • Donna

    My favorite animated movie of all time would have to be Finding Nemo. I remember watching it for the first time with my family. It’s still a great movie that I love to watch with them.

  • Tina Bartunek

    We love Shrek! It was funny for the kids and the adults. We watch it all the time.

  • clallen

    I love shrek too! It has great music and it’s funny. It’s a movie the whole family enjoys. Plus they made more than one. Thanks

  • clallen

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  • Anastasia

    I love Wall-E, because it has great sci fi elements and it’s really sweet :)

  • Steve Weber

    that’s a tough one but I would have to say Finding Nemo.

  • Amanda Hoffman

    i like finding nemo. it was so cute and funny.

  • JackieV

    Shrek is one of our favorites. It’s a movie the whole family enjoys watching together.

  • JackieV

    I entered the Dial Cocnut Water Body Wash giveaway.

  • erum

    Lion king is my all time favorite because i love the songs and the storyline! I now show it to my toddler who also loves the movie.

  • Clau Gomez

    My favorite animated film of all time is Madagascar because it has fabuloss characters and their adventures are unmatched.

  • Antionette Blake

    Great review/comparisons. I liked the first movie and am looking forward to seeing the 2nd.

  • jamie braun

    alice in wonderland is my favorite animated movie of all time! i just love everything about it! it has so many unique things in it! my faves are the cheshire cat, the singing flowers & the mad hatter! my daughters love it too!

  • Stephanie Larison

    Hands down it’s the movie Up. I watched it while I was pregnant and bawled like a baby, lol. Now that my daughter is a toddler she loves the movie too, I like watching it with her. Such a sweet love story in the beginning!

  • Maryann

    My favorite animated movie is Finding Nemo. I loved the colorful graphics and the message about love and caring was great.

  • Maryann

    I entered the Jurassic 3D $25 Fandango bucks giveaway

  • Virginia Mugerdichian Rowell

    My favorite is The Fox and they Hound. It is a great story about friendship. We watch it all the time and amazing that my husband is the biggest fan!

  • Jan Lee

    Our favorite animated movie is Toy Story and the sequels :) The kids can’t get enough of the talking toys! lol

  • jworzala

    My favorite would be Toy Story. The friendship and bond that the toys share really chokes me up.

  • Suzie Williams

    That’s a tough questions! I have so many! I’m going to have to say Wreck it Ralph because I’m a gamer and I like how it had a bunch of different video game characters in it. It brought back some memories, that’s for sure! I also thought the animation and story line were really good.

  • Allison Downes

    My favorite of all time has to be Fox and the Hound. Mostly because it was my childhood favorite. The story line is cute. And also The Lion King :)
    thanks for the great giveaway!

  • godan2

    wall-e, great story great animation

  • Jason D Nickolay

    My favorite animated movie has to be The Emperor’s New Groove. I am a big fan of David Spade and Patrick Wardburton! Plus, who doesn’t love a feel good Disney movie!

  • Ed Nemmers

    “Ratatouille”; it is imaginative and literate!

  • Valerie Taylor Mabrey

    beauty and the beast
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  • Katie K

    My favorite of all time is the Lion King. I remember seeing it in the theaters with my extended family. Is one of the first I recognized how complex some animated films are.

  • susan1215

    My favorite is Toy Story. I like it because it has great characters that kids can relate too and storylines that teach and entertain.

  • Cassandra Mccann

    i have many favorites one of my top is UP

  • Robby Rob

    i loved the Disney animated Robin Hood. It makes me sad that I can’t get my kids into it, because I sure would love to watch it again. The king sucking his thumb used to crack me up.

  • kathy pease

    I loved beauty and the beast it was such a great movie. It also had some very catchy songs..I could watch this over and over again :)

  • Laurie Emerson

    It is a hard choice but I have to say it is Bambi. The movie always moves me to tears but I love the sweetness of the friendship of Bambi and Thumper and I especially love the way that the movie is so timeless and you never tire of seeing it.

  • Shemp DeYoung

    My favorite animated movie ever is Jungle Book. It’s kind of cool that my teenage son also still loves it. As far as CGI goes, you could name just about any Pixar movie. Wal-E. The Incredibles. Toy Story 3. They all have great story, gorgeous animation, and tons of heart.

  • Misha Ferguson Estrada

    I love Dumbo. I still cry every time whne Dumbo is separated from his mom.

  • krystal wethington

    I always liked the rescuers.It was a cute movie.

  • susansmoaks

    my favorite animated film ever is shrek, i love that movie!

  • Jenny

    My favorite animated movie is the Incredibles. I loved the storyline, and the characters. My kids have watched it again and again!

  • dan

    Always has been Toy Story. I don’t see any other film now that has both the great adult and child humor for both audiences.

  • Gina Ferrell

    My favorite animated film of all time is The Rescuers. I love how the two little white mouse are on a mission to save a young girl and retrieve the world’s largest diamond! Such a delightful movie!!!!

  • Shirley Greenawalt Zolenski

    My favorite of all time is The Lion King because I loved the story but I loved the music. I actually bought the soundtrack for it too.

  • Melissa Moreno

    There are so many that I love, but I would say Lion King is my favorite. My oldest daughter would watch it over and over again when she was younger and it really grew on my.

  • Donny schlyer

    We recently went out to see the Croods, and it was actually pretty cute. I think it was really fun,and it was a different look at “american families” haha.

  • Corey Olomon

    I love the two chacters in UP, they really show how people can grow.

  • Vikki Billings

    I believe that my favorite of all times would have to be Lady and the Tramp, because its a beautiful love story. I love also that the whole family can enjoy it together and my grandkids can watch it anytime because its a safe, clean dvd choice. I love Disney movies!

  • Lucy Schwartz

    My favorite animated movie is the Puss and Boots voiced by Antonio Banderas and Selma Hayak. The phrase Bad Kitty just cracks me up.

  • Gianna

    Toy story. It was so different and had a sweet story as well. My kids loved the humor in it too..